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Pre-Teen Birthday Party Ideas

You may already be mystified by the fact that your young child is no longer a young child but an 11 or 12 year old pre-teen. They may be exerting some independence and acting mature beyond their years, but like most people, they are still likely to enjoy a birthday party given in their honor. You just have to consider the following; these ideas will ensure that they don't have a "baby party" while still giving them a clean, fun time with friends.

Use Balloons in Creative Ways

Most people love balloons, and your pre-teen is likely no different. What you can do to make balloons seem like a more "grown-up" decoration is to use them in creative ways.

For instance, you can hire a balloon column company, such as San Antonio Balloon Decor, to arrive at your home or venue and arrange columns of balloons throughout the space in your pre-teen's favorite color. This can give the venue a fun but slightly sophisticated ambiance, as columns are a complex and unusual way for balloons to be arranged. For even more visual drama, you may ask that a balloon arch be erected for your pre-teen to walk through upon arrival.

Have a Theme

Instead of just putting out cake and ice cream, try to heighten the experience by keeping with a theme. This will make things easier for you, as you can focus on a few different items, but it can also allow you to celebrate an aspect of your child's personality. 

For example, if you know your child is a fan of Japanese anime films, perhaps one anime in particular, you can use that as your guide. You can track down party favors, plates and cups using anime characters, or you might rent a movie screen to show some anime films in the background. 

Ask for a Guest List

Whatever type of party you're planning, at this age it's not a good idea to just invite everyone from their school class and kids in the neighborhood. Social relationships can be tricky at this time of your pre-teen's life, and they will be much more comfortable if they're able to control which kids can and cannot come. Ask for a list well ahead of time; you can suggest individual names such as the neighbor down the street or a child from church, but give them the right to disagree and not extend an invitation. 

Considering the above pointers will ensure your pre-teen enjoys the party you throw them. Talk to them and other relatives to glean more information for a successful time