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Escape Room Clothing And Accessory Requirements

Escape room games are not always physically active and rushed, but they aren't exactly sedate discussions. In these rooms, you have a set amount of time to figure out how to get out of the room and solve a puzzle. To make things interesting, the creators of the game often hide items or require that someone reach or crouch in places that may be unexpected. No one would be put in danger, but it's best if people dress appropriately so they don't get distracted by what the game is doing to their clothes and their clothes don't make it impossible to discover a vital clue.

Comfortable Clothing You Can Get Dirty

While escape rooms are often used as party events and team-building exercises for companies, participants should not wear formal or restrictive clothes that don't allow easy movement. If you're bringing friends along to the room for a party activity, warn them not to wear high heels, formal slacks, or other clothes that they would mind getting a bit dirty. Jeans and T-shirts are usually best. Employers who send workers to the room as part of a team exercise when those workers are wearing work uniforms should not expect workers to keep the uniforms pristine.

Accessories That Can Be Tied Back

All accessories -- ties, scarves, jewelry, and even long hairstyles -- need to be the type that can be tied back or removed. You don't want your favorite batwing-sleeved shirt to rip because the sleeve got caught in a door; you don't want to be unable to see clues because your scarf is flying into your face because of a fan in the room. Nor do you want to lose your bracelet. Keep things simple accessory-wise.

Time to Break out the Old Fanny Pack

If you are going to wear something that doesn't have enough pockets for what you need to carry, get a fanny-pack-type bag or a small cross-body bag that won't hamper movement. If you have your keys and wallet in your pockets but need something to hold medication or a phone, get something that won't slip off your body. The last thing you need is to leave your purse or bag behind by accident.

Escape rooms call for common sense, not impractical fashion. These rooms often have releases that you have to sign that claim you agree to wear appropriate attire. By sticking to simpler outfits that you can move easily in, you'll be less likely to violate that release and more likely to catch subtle clues that help you solve the game.