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Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Location

Now that you've decided to tie the knot, you have to decide where to do it. There's no end to ideas for wedding locations, but you might be restricted in choices due to scheduling or budget constraints. Here are a few tips for choosing a venue for your special day.

When Your Heart Is Set On A Formal Wedding

If you want a traditional church wedding in a formal venue, then you'll be competing against many other brides. The key to getting the church or other wedding building of your choice is to book as early as possible. You may need to schedule your date as much as a year or more in advance. Although it isn't a romantic idea, you may need to adjust your date according to when there is an opening in the church's calendar. If you've always dreamed of a big wedding in an ornate church, then you want to book it as soon as you decide to get married.

When Your Budget Is Very Tight

When you don't have much money for a wedding, then your choices are limited. If there are no funds at all, you can get married in your home or the courthouse. The only thing you'll need is your license and witnesses, and you'll need to pay the courthouse fees or pay the minister who marries you. If you have enough money for a small reception but not enough for that and a wedding too, then consider wedding locations that are free, such as a local park, your backyard, or the beach. Save most of your budget for the reception. You could even have a nearly free wedding at a courthouse and then throw a celebration reception with your friends later.

When You Want An All-In-One Venue

It is most convenient to have your wedding and reception on the same grounds or in the same building. It's easier on your guests too since they won't have to drive different places for your event. You can book wedding venues that are large enough for both parts of your wedding. You could hold the event outdoors under large tents or in a community building. Some churches even have cafeterias or activity centers where you can hold your reception after the wedding. You could also hold the reception on a beach or your backyard. Just make sure the venue you choose allows alcoholic beverages and that your event won't interfere with noise ordinances or any other laws.

If your wedding date is months in advance, you'll have plenty of time to choose the ideal location for your wedding. However, if you've had a whirlwind romance and plan to get married right away, your options may be more limited. Still, there are many choices available, even on the spur of the moment. As long as you're surrounded by your loved ones on your wedding day, it will be a success no matter what venue you choose.

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