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3 Things To Consider When Planning A Wedding At A Theater

Planning a wedding can be a stressful task. While weddings are wonderful celebrations that bring together two families, planning them can be time-consuming and very expensive. Finding the right space for the ceremony and reception is one of the biggest sources of stress for couples planning their wedding. There are plenty of options ranging from church spaces to reception halls. For couples who like to think outside the box, event theaters are a great option. Here are three things to consider when planning a wedding at a theater:


The cost of renting out a theater can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Historical venues tend to cost more than newer spaces. Large theaters that are usually busy will also cost more to rent out, especially on a weekend day. The average price that couples pay for a wedding venue is between $12,343 and $14,006. Booking a theater also includes a certain amount of services that are included within the cost of the venue. Things like catering, alcoholic beverages, linens, and more may be included in the venue's price. The services provided will be different from theater to theater.

The Marquee

Event theaters have numerous photo opportunities scattered throughout the space. The marquee can be one of the best spots to take photos. Having the marquee changed may be part of the package or it may cost extra. Changing the marquee to include the couple's names and wedding date is a nice detail that will look fantastic in pictures. This is one detail that should be put in place while booking the venue. Planning ahead of time will ensure that the sign is lit up with the right information.

Additional Costs

While theaters offer up a great atmosphere for weddings, there are a few additional costs that may come with the venue. If parking is at a premium, hiring valets will be necessary. The average cost of a valet service is between $1,500 and $3,000 for a wedding with 200 guests. A coat check service will also likely be necessary, especially if the wedding is during the winter months. Some venues will include the coat check in their venue fees while others will not. Entertainment is also something that will likely need to be provided. Hiring a DJ costs an average of $748 while a live band will run about $1,751. 

Theaters are a great option for a wedding venue. They offer up great photo opportunities and are a unique place to celebrate a union. When choosing a theater it's important for couples to consider their budget, larger and historic theaters often cost more to rent. Being able to change the marquee is also something to think about when booking a theater. There are also a variety of additional costs that may not be included in the booking fee. 

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