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Choosing A Wedding Venue With The Needs Of The Guests In Mind

If you're like most people who will be walking down the aisle in the near future, you want everything about your wedding ceremony to reflect your tastes—right down to the venue. This is why some couples choose extreme venues for saying their vows such as on top of a mountain the wilderness or on a secluded beach. However, these options sometimes leave certain people on the guest list out in the cold. 

It's important to ensure that the venue works for the guest list—you wouldn't want your favorite uncle, for instance, to be forced to sit out your ceremony because his physical limitations don't allow him easy access to the venue. You'll also want to make certain that you choose a child-friendly space if you're going to include the under-12 crowd on your guest list or as part of the ceremony. Here's what to consider before making a final commitment to a venue. 


Some people would argue that wedding ceremonies and the ensuing receptions are more for the guests than for the happy couple, but even if that's not entirely true in your case, keeping accessibility in mind when choosing a venue is nonetheless a gracious gesture. Expecting your elderly aunts and uncles to traipse through the woods or down a rickety beach staircase to reach your designated altar may end up in unexpected complications. 

If you have your heart set on exchanging your vows in a particular area that may present physical challenges for some of those on your guest list, designate a more accessible venue for the reception. Although one of today's biggest trends is having the reception at the same venue as the ceremony, your guests probably won't hold it against you if you don't ask them to trek up a steep slope to a high country waterfall for the next part of the ceremony. 


If your guest list includes those with mobility issues, ask your wedding planner to recommend venues with wheelchair access. It's also a good idea to check out the space in advance with an eye to the needs of your guests in mind. For instance, make sure that bathrooms are easily visible and accessible to all and that fussy decor doesn't hamper general visibility or create potential safety hazards. It's also essential to keep available parking in mind—if adequate parking doesn't exist to accommodate your guest list, some may find it difficult to reach the venue from whatever parking they can find several blocks away. 

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