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How To Set Up An Event Venue For Success

You have done all the background planning that needed to be done and your big event is just around the corner. You are getting jittery, wondering whether things will go well. How do you set-up your venue to ensure your event is successful?

Appoint an Events director

You cannot do everything yourself, otherwise, you will lose your mind. It is wise to appoint an events director. This is the person who will be in charge of coordinating events on site.

Specifically, he will supervise the set-up and assign tasks to other staff.

He will also erect signage to direct guests and service vendors such as florists, decorators, and the event caterer.

Hire Enough Labour

There will be a lot of physical work to do on that day, from erecting tents if it's an outdoor activity, to setting up the banquet tables and chairs, laying the linen and cutlery, erecting the podium and setting up the audio-visual equipment.

There will also be loading and off-loading of materials and equipment. Make sure you have enough manpower.

Test equipment

To avoid embarrassment, test your equipment in advance. These may include the public address system, Wi-Fi, computers, and projectors. Get an audiovisual expert to be in charge of making sure the right equipment is ready for use at your event.

Check parking

Double check the parking area to ensure enough space for vendors and guests. Make sure vendors can access the venue without obstruction.

Go through the tasks checklist to ensure you have done everything.

These will include:

For outdoor events you will also need to verify the following:


Catering takes a huge part of your events budget and attracts the highest amount of feedback. You, therefore, need to pay close attention to it.

Assuming you are getting your own event caterer, you may need to hire equipment such as tables, chairs, linen, plates, glassware, cutlery etc. Ensure that they have been delivered and set-up.

Also, check the serving area to ensure you have enough outlets for the caterers' equipment. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you may need to hire a generator for extra power, or as a back-up.

Hosting a successful event starts with careful planning and ends with careful implementation. Contact a company like Audience Engagement Group for more information and assistance.