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Party Venues For Children: Economical Options

You're likely looking for the best party venues for children if your little one's big day is quickly approaching and you want to throw a bash that won't be forgotten. But you also don't want to dip into their college fund just to foot the bill. What types of kids' party venues are both entertaining and economical? Take a look at some of the most popular choices that will meet all of your needs.

Bounce and Jump

There's no doubt that your child is full of energy. And there's also no reason to think that their friends don't have the same on-the-go attitude. A bounce or jump venue is the perfect place to keep the kids busy, let their energy loose, and have a birthday bash that no one will forget.

Keep in mind, these venues typically have group or party packages. This means that you'll pay less per child than if you went with just your family. Getting a lower group rate can increase the financial feasibility factor and make your party a success — for your child and your wallet, too.

The Community Park

While it's free to play at the community park, most township or municipal recreation departments charge a nominal fee for use of the space or a pavilion area. Even though you can throw a completely free "play party," renting a pavilion is often a necessary part of the event planning.

A pavilion gives you a place to serve a meal, have the birthday cake, play games, and open presents. It also makes it possible to still have an outdoor party when the weather won't cooperate.

The Zoo

Animal lovers will enjoy this party spot. Like bounce and jump venues, many zoos offer group rates. This makes the charge per child less than if you were to buy individual tickets or admissions passes.

Along with getting a group discount, you can also make a zoo trip economical by having the cake (and snacks or a meal) after the tour. Instead of spending on potentially over-priced refreshments from a snack bar or on-site restaurant, extend the party to your home. Invite the guests to your house for some post-zoo fun. Aside from eating the cake, you can have a backyard barbeque, play animal-themed games, and open presents.

With more than a few party venues for children to choose from, picking the "just right" one can seem challenging. Whether you need an indoor option or an outside venue, you can save money by taking advantage of group rate discounts, eating at home, and using community-based play spaces.

For more information and ideas, contact party venues in your area, like Pinto's Farm.