Creating Memorable Events

Tips For Planning Your Next Event

When individuals are looking at their options for hosting an event, it will often be advisable to rent a venue for this purpose. However, you might lack much knowledge about using these venues to host events. This can put you at a disadvantage as you may not know about the steps that you should be taking to avoid potential conflicts or other problems.

Know The Occupancy Limit For The Venue

If you are expecting many guests for your event, it will be necessary to review the occupancy limits for the potential venues. It is illegal for these venues to violate their occupancy limits, and this could result in some of your guests being turned away or having to wait. When evaluating occupancy limits, you may want to choose one that is higher than your expected guests count. This will help to account for any unexpected guests that arrive at the event.

Review The Deposit Requirements And Policies

To reserve a venue, a deposit will need to be paid. The rules governing the payment and return of deposits are fairly varied from one venue to another. Prior to finalizing your choice of venue, you should also review the deposit requirements and policies. This is important for making sure that you choose a venue with deposit requirements that will work with your budget for the entire event.

Account For Catering Or Other Services

The amount of space that is needed for your event can be somewhat difficult to estimate. During the course of estimating the needed space, it is a common mistake to fail to consider the needs of the caterers or other services that may be at your event. To avoid overcrowding the venue, you should inquire about the space requirements for each of the service providers that will be at your event. In addition to the space needed, you should also review the number of outlets that are needed so that you can avoid needing to overload an outlet.

Take Steps To Ensure An Accurate Guest Count

Making sure that you have an accurate guest count will be extremely beneficial to your planning efforts. Otherwise, you may not know the amount of food, beverages or seating that will be needed. This can lead to the embarrassing situation of running out of important materials or drastically overpaying for the event. A simple way to help to improve the accuracy of your guest list is to require individuals to agree to attend twice. This is done by sending a pre-invitation notice that states the date of the event along with other basic information. After sending out this notice, you should send out formal invites.

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