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Are You Hosting Your Daughter's Wedding Reception?

So, your little girl is now all grown up and she's getting married. Such excitement! Such mixed feelings! Besides being thrilled that your daughter has met the man of her dreams, you also might feel that her heart will now belong to somebody else. Don't go there! Instead, think of the possibility of having a new son and, someday, or having little grandchildren to bless your life. Before any of that happens, however, you are probably a bit stressed over planning your daughter's wedding reception. After all, this will more than likely be a once-in-a-lifetime event, right?

From arranging for a event table rental to creating the centerpieces, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a unique wedding reception setting. 

Rent Wedding Tables 

Once you know the exact date and time of your daughter's wedding reception, and once you have a pretty clear picture of how many guests will be attend the event, consider going ahead with the rental of wedding tables. Of course, you could call all of your friends to borrow their portable folding tables, but that could become a very complicated mess. How would you get their tables? Who would set them up? How soon will you have to return them? What if you get mixed up and you can't remember which table goes to which friend?

Renting the wedding tables means that they can be delivered, set up and then taken down after the reception is over. Chairs to go with the tables can be rented at the same time. The rental is probably a lot more affordable than you think it would be, and the money you spend will more than likely be offset by the fact that you won't have that worry to deal with.

The Table Decorations 

First, determine the kind of wedding reception you will be hosting. Will there be a theme? For example, if you are hosting a very elegant celebration, you'll probably want to have white or off-white tablecloths. If the event is more casual, consider choosing the bride's colors for the tablecloths. The place where you rent the wedding tables will more than likely have tablecloths and napkins that you can rent, too.  If you've chosen a theme, it will be easy to decide on the centerpieces. For example, let's say that your daughter loves the beach and has chosen a beach theme for the event. In that case, think of using things like lighthouses and pretty shells along with flowers and candles.