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Three Must-Have Things If You're Getting Married At A Sports Venue

If you're a big sports fan and your future spouse is, too, you might enjoy attending games together — and it's possible that you even met at a game. To recognize your shared passion, you may want to think about getting married at a sports venue. Many professional sports venues can be booked for weddings, and doing so can make a lot of sense for sports lovers. There are many different ways to go about celebrating your wedding at this unique wedding venue, and you and your significant other may be eager to start brainstorming elements that you want included in your big day. Here are three things that you won't want to miss.

Concessions Food

While you might be planning to have a formal meal in one of the stadium's banquet rooms, you shouldn't resist the urge to include food from the stadium's concessions stand in some way. For example, shortly after the ceremony, have bowls of popcorn and peanuts available to your guests. You may also want to include other notable stadium foods, such as pretzels, hot dogs, and beer, in your wedding in some capacity. For example, instead of a champagne toast, you might want to have everyone toast the happy day with plastic cups of beer — something that will be memorable and make for a good photo opportunity.

Mascot Visit

When you book a stadium for your wedding venue, one of the options that you'll have available to you is a visit from the home team's mascot. This might seem like a minor perk, but it's one that you should agree to. The presence of the mascot throughout the day will definitely be fun. In addition to having the mascot present in some of your formal photos, your guests will enjoy taking selfies to share on social media with the mascot. Additionally, given that many children can find weddings to be a little dull, any kids who are in attendance will have fun meeting the mascot.

Stadium Tour

You may also want to inquire about a stadium tour for some of your guests. When you and your spouse are having your photos taken between the ceremony and reception, this can be a dull time for your guests who will have to just wait around. A stadium employee could arrive on the scene to give any interested guests a short tour of the stadium — taking them into a number of exciting places, including onto the field and into one of the locker rooms.