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It's All About The Curves: Curved Displays And Customer Attraction

Display booth backing options have improved greatly over the years, with lightweight fabric backings and new designs making booths look better than ever. One type of setup is the waveline display booth. No longer are booth planners limited to flat or winged booth backdrops that look like something out of a school science fair. These curved backdrops offer a few benefits that flat backdrops can't match.

Better Far Vision

Someone walking down an aisle at a trade show or convention is likely paying most attention to the booths immediately to either side. But in those moments when the person looks ahead to see what else might be along the aisle, they're going to see parts of backdrops. The information on flat backdrops will seem distant and not very legible, but a curved backdrop is different. The side that curves to face oncoming foot traffic is going to be a lot more visible to people who are farther away than a flat backdrop would be. You could potentially get a few more visitors that way because they will have seen your booth become more visible among all the others lining the aisle.

Better Booth Delineation

Rows and rows of trade show booths tend to blend into each other, especially in crowded shows where booths are placed right next to each other with no space in between. Some exhibitors choose to place fabric walls between booths, but these can be fairly confining. Another option is to use one of those curved backdrops. It doesn't close off the sides of the exhibit (thus allowing people to move into the space from adjacent booths), but it does create an implied boundary on each side.

Better Visual Flow Around the Booth

Smoothing out corners at the back of the booth helps create a feeling of flow. There's no visually sharp corner, and the curve of the backing lends itself well to wavy, flowing graphics. The overall impression is one of a gentle ocean swell, which may give your display a more relaxed look overall.

Sometimes flat backdrops or even S-shaped backdrops are more appropriate. In general, however, a simple curve can make your booth stand out. Curved backdrops, such as Waveline backings, are available in several different sizes and styles, and some include accessories like "waterfall" shelving. You can also find miniature versions meant to sit on the main table for the booth. Whatever your needs, look at curved versions to see if those would be a better option given your company's product.