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Formal or Casual? 5 Things to Consider for a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is one of the many parts of wedding preparations that everyone will remember for a lifetime. So you want it to be perfect. And one of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want to make the shower formal or a relaxed and casual affair. How can you choose? Here are a few guidelines to help.

Consider the Time

A morning or early afternoon bridal shower lends itself more easily to a casual affair. In the middle of the day, many people might feel uncomfortable getting dressed up formally. They may also be coming from other engagements, such as work or errands. If the weather is warm, then casual dress also helps make people comfortable.

Consider the Bride

What do you think the bride would want? Since this party is all about her, her tastes should inform its style and tone. Is she a fun-loving and spontaneous person? Or a more traditional and thoughtful one? The former would be a good candidate for a casual affair while the latter may want a formal one. If in doubt, you could ask the bride directly to ensure that she enjoys her party.

Consider the Venue

What type of environment are you holding the party in? A fancy, private event venue makes most people think about gorgeous dresses and tasty appetizers. An outdoor space might make them think about the joys of spring and wildflowers. Unique venues, such as museums or historical homes, will likely set their own tone that you can draw from to create the party's decor. Contact local private event venues to find a location that fits your ideal style.

Consider the Guests

Look over the proposed guest list and think about their comfort levels. Many people are very comfortable dressing up and having a formal dinner or cocktails. Others will find this off-putting and not at all enjoyable. While the shower is specifically for the bride you may not want guests to be made to feel that they don't fit in. When in doubt, you may want to dress things down a notch if there's any concern about feelings. 

Consider the Wedding

Discuss with the guest of honor what her wedding style will be like. Many bridal shower planners want to complement the wedding, particularly because they know that the bride likes her wedding themes. You may also opt for an opposite bridal shower that provides a bit of a breather for wedding planning and doesn't steal the wedding decor's thunder, so to speak.

By considering these 5 elements, your bridal shower is sure to please the guest of honor as well as all her friends and family.