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Tips For Bat Mitzvah Management

When you are planning something like a bat mitzvah, get the help of event coordinators that can make it a successful event to remember. The bat mitzvah is a young girl's rite of passage in the Jewish tradition. This is when she turns 12, which, under Jewish law, is when she is considered an adult. These parties take on significant meaning in the faith and are worthy of every bit of planning you can put into it. The tips below will help you out with your bat mitzvah management so that you can take your time and plan the event the right way.

Begin planning the bat mitzvah as early as you can

Your daughter only gets one bat mitzvah, so put your all into planning it. You will be kicking yourself if you shuffle it to the back burner or procrastinate. This will also make the event more stressful than it has to be. To make planning this event easy, give yourself several months in advance so that you are not having to rush and so that entertainers and caterers are not booked up.

Figure out the venue for the event

You can have the bat mitzvah in your home or you can rent out an event venue. If you are going to rent out a venue, begin working with an event coordinator and using some software that can help you with your bat mitzvah management. With the software, plug in the prices and notes that you have when you visit each venue. That will help you out when you are trying to decide between a few different options. Make sure the venue has enough space for any entertainment you are planning to book and to accommodate all of your guests.

The guest list dictates everything from the size of the venue you need to how much food your caterers will prepare. Hire an event planner to help you both leading up to the bat mitzvah and to facilitate everything on the day of the event. This will make everything go so much smoother and will also make your life easier and the event process less stressful. Event planners charge $25-$125 per hour and up. This is worth every dime when you see the smile on your daughter's face when everything with the bat mitzvah goes off smoothly.

Let these bat mitzvah management tips help you create lasting memories for your daughter.