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Rent Retractable Stanchions For These Events

A set of retractable stanchions can be a valuable type of equipment to rent when you're planning an event. To determine whether this equipment will be necessary, you'll want to think about how people will enter the venue and move around once inside. If there's any risk of people rushing toward the door or otherwise attempting to enter in a hurried or disorganized fashion, you'll likely want to rent a set of retractable stanchions. Your local event rental company has this gear available, so you can decide exactly how much you need for your event. Here are some events for which you'll want to rent this equipment.

Retail Store Sale

If you run a retail store that is having a big sale, you'll want to ensure that your customers don't surge toward the front doors when you open them. This type of unruliness could lead to conflicts among shoppers or even result in someone getting hurt. When you rent a set of retractable stanchions, you'll be able to set them up so that people follow their route before entering. This will prevent people from pushing toward the door of your store and creating a chaotic environment.


Retractable stanchions can also help to create order among those who are entering a venue for a concert. Regardless of whether the concert is outdoors or indoors, you can use stanchions in the space outside of the gates or building. On top of their ability to ensure that people don't surge forward, stanchions can help people to get in the right lineup. For example, if you have staff or volunteers entering at the same time, you might set up the stanchions to create a lane through which these people can enter. Doing so will prevent them from having to line up with the ticketholders.

Catered Event

It can be advantageous to have a set of retractable stanchions if you're planning any type of catered event. While you might not need to worry about people rudely and aggressively surging toward the tables that hold food at most events, stanchions can help to maintain order. Without them, some people may simply walk toward the food and begin helping themselves, perhaps not realizing that other people are waiting their turn in line. You don't want some of your guests feeling aggravated because others are getting their food without waiting their turn. A set of retractable stanchions that lead up to the food tables will create order.

Contact a company that rents out or sells retractable stanchions for more information.