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Assess These Factors When You Rent A Mini Ferris Wheel

When you plan an outdoor event geared toward children, it's a good idea to choose a theme for the gathering. Knowing a theme will not only allow you to decorate in a cohesive manner and choose the right party attractions to rent. A carnival theme can be a popular choice, given the enthusiasm that most children have for carnivals. Many party rental companies have a wide selection of carnival-style entertainment options that you can rent, including a mini Ferris wheel. The staff who deliver it will set it up in your preferred location, and you can expect that the children in attendance will enjoy taking repeated rides on it. With several kinds of mini Ferris wheels available for rent, here are some factors to keep in mind as you browse your options:


You'll find mini Ferris wheels that have all sorts of different heights. The big thing to think about regarding height is the age of the children who will be attending your event. In general, you'll want a shorter Ferris wheel if your event is focused on young children, while a taller Ferris wheel can be appropriate for an event for older kids. Older kids won't find that a short Ferris wheel offers enough of a thrill, but a short model can be more than adequate for young kids.

Number Of Compartments

When you look at a selection of mini Ferris wheels, you'll commonly see that these devices can have different numbers of compartments. For example, one model may have four compartments, while another has eight. It's a good idea to think about how many children will be attending your upcoming event. The more children who will be there, the more compartments you'll want in your rented mini Ferris wheel. This design will allow a larger number of kids to enjoy this attraction without having to wait very long in line.


Mini Ferris wheels will often have a theme, which is another factor to think about before you choose which product you'll rent. For example, you might see a product that has a superhero theme, while another could have an animal theme. Try to choose a theme that you feel will appeal to the majority of the kids in attendance. While most children will be excited to ride the mini Ferris wheel, having a particularly appealing theme can provide even more thrills. To learn more about mini Ferris wheels for rent, contact a party rental company like Elle Event Rentals.