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How To Know Where To Place Your Portable Bathroom Rentals

Portable toilet rentals are essential for every outdoor event. The great thing about a portable toilet rental is that you can place a toilet wherever you want. However, you might wonder exactly where the best locations would be for your toilets.

The Flow of the Crowd

Consider how the crowd will move throughout your event. You will want the portable bathroom rentals to be placed in the right locations so that the bathrooms can be used comfortably. If guests are not able to use the bathroom when they need to, they will not leave your event satisfied.


When you are planning on placing a portable toilet in a particular location, make sure to measure the dimensions so you will know whether you can fit a larger portable bathroom rental and how many portable bathrooms you can fit. For example, you might want a bathroom trailer that will come with more amenities but this might be impractical because there might not be any locations where you can place the trailer.

The Concession Area

If you have a concession area, you will want to have a toilet in this location. This is where your guests will be the most likely to need a toilet both so they can use the bathroom and so they can also wash their hands before and after eating. The portable bathroom should not be placed immediately next to the concession area because this can create an awkward situation. However, it should be placed a short walking distance away.

The Amenities Your Toilets Will Need

Make sure to choose a portable bathroom rental unit that comes with a hand pump that allows a guest to rinse their hands. The portable bathroom should also come with hand soap. Include hand towels as well.

Your Conversation with the Portable Bathroom Rental Company

When hiring a portable toilet rental company, the first thing you should tell them is where the event will be located. Some rental companies will simply be unable to move their portable toilets to a particular location and it's important to make sure that the company is able to access the location where you need toilets.

For example, the ground will need to be solid, level, and dry for certain types of bathroom rentals. Make sure to explain the location so that the rental company will determine what they can do for you. Then, you can have a much smoother event.

For more information, contact a portable toilet rental service in your area.