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Reasons For Having Doves In A Funeral

When you lose a loved one, you want to make proper funeral arrangements to give a proper final farewell to the deceased. During funeral planning, you may include various activities like speeches and past stories to pay tribute to the deceased. While these activities are meaningful, consider including a funeral dove release ceremony, and here's why.

Special Send-Off

Most funerals entail the usual memorial services followed by a graveside funeral or cremation. Therefore, involving a dove release ceremony is a special way to say goodbye to the deceased. The process entails setting free some doves at the end of the funeral. Watching doves fly high in the sky is a wonderful scene. This makes your funeral more appealing and sets it apart from others. Your dove release service can guide you on the number of birds depending on your needs.

Funeral Intimacy

Involving funeral dove release services in your funeral can make it more intimate. That's because you can choose the number of doves you want to release to achieve your needs. For instance, releasing one dove shows the deceased's departure from the earth. In contrast, releasing several doves may indicate that your loved one's soul gets spiritual guidance in the afterlife. Fortunately, your funeral dove release service can guide you on the number of doves to release and their meanings.

Spiritual Significance

White doves usually have spiritual significance as they're a sign of peace. So, a funeral dove release signifies that the departed's soul rests in peace. Additionally, watching the birds fly assures you that the deceased's soul has found rest. Hence, this provides comfort, allowing you to celebrate the dead instead of focusing on your loss.


Losing a loved one can be devastating, and you may be in denial. In such a case, finding closure is essential to moving on from your loss. During a funeral bird release ceremony, a trained professional sets free the birds at the end of the funeral. This gives closure to your loved one's death, enabling you to move on.


When friends or relatives pass on, you want to ensure their soul is set free as it leaves for the next realm. Releasing doves at the funeral signifies that the deceased soul gains freedom against difficulties such as sicknesses and pain. Also, doves symbolize purity. This way, you can be assured that the deceased's soul rests well after its physical presence on earth.

A funeral dove release provides an intimate and special send-off and spiritual significance for your funeral. Also, funeral bird release provides closure and signifies the freedom of the deceased's soul. Consider having funeral dove release services for these reasons.