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Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas And Tips

If you're planning a wedding during the nice spring, summer, or even early autumn months, you have the luxury of having both indoor and outdoor venues from which to choose. If you and your spouse-to-be love spending time outdoors or are passionate about a specific location, consider saying your vows at an outside venue. 

No matter what your wedding-planning budget is, you'll be able to find an outdoor venue that meets all of your needs, if even you have to compromise a bit here and there. You'll typically be able to save money on decor since the natural surroundings, such as blooming flowers or a waterfront backdrop, add plenty of free aesthetic value. 

When choosing an outdoor venue, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. For instance, plan ahead for inclement weather and unwanted bug guests by renting an event canopy or two. If you want live music during the wedding or reception, ask the venue staff in advance if it's allowed. Since the spring and summer months are typically considered "wedding season," book your desired outdoor venue as far in advance as possible. 

Following are some additional outdoor wedding venue ideas and tips:

1. Farm or Barn Venues 

If you're looking for a casual and rustic place to hold your wedding and reception, you can't go wrong with a charming farm or barn venue. If you don't have any friends or family that own a barn, you can rent one that's designated for special events for the day or evening. 

Farms and barns make picturesque outdoor venues as you, your wedding party, and guests can use fields, pastures, streams, and even hale bales and vintage equipment as props and backdrops. They also provide ample space for guests of all ages to mix and mingle throughout the event. 

When it comes to menu planning, use your venue as inspiration and serve salads filled with farm-fresh produce, dishes seasoned with fresh herbs, and other in-season and local ingredients. Work with a caterer that specializes in home-style dishes and local cuisine. 

2. Wineries

If you and your finance are wine lovers, hold your wedding and reception among grape vines and other idyllic natural surroundings at a winery. Not only will the location make the ideal romantic location to say your vows, but adult guests will also stay entertained by participating in winery tours and tastings.

Some wineries feature onsite eateries, but you'll need to inquire as to whether they cater to large groups or not. If they aren't equipped to, you may have to hire an outside caterer to make and deliver the meals for you. 

 Another benefit of holding your wedding at a winery is that you'll have access to both outdoor and indoor event space, which will come in handy during bad weather. 

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