Creating Memorable Events


The Right Social Event Venue

There may be lots of venues for parties and other events in your area. Some venues will already seem perfect for a particular celebration, even before they're decorated. But there are factors that can help you determine which venue you should use. Event Coordinators Might Not Need to Substantially Decorate Some Venues There are many venues that will already look great

Planning A March? Teach Your Supporters How To Deal With Protesters

When you're organizing a march in support of a certain cause that is important to you, your to-do list will typically include recruiting people who share the same belief about the cause as you, as well as perhaps getting signs, T-shirts, and other similar materials together. Part of your organization process should be to talk to your participants about the risk o

Formal or Casual? 5 Things to Consider for a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is one of the many parts of wedding preparations that everyone will remember for a lifetime. So you want it to be perfect. And one of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want to make the shower formal or a relaxed and casual affair. How can you choose? Here are a few guidelines to help. Consider the Time A morning or early afternoon

It's All About The Curves: Curved Displays And Customer Attraction

Display booth backing options have improved greatly over the years, with lightweight fabric backings and new designs making booths look better than ever. One type of setup is the waveline display booth. No longer are booth planners limited to flat or winged booth backdrops that look like something out of a school science fair. These curved backdrops offer a few benefi

Three Must-Have Things If You're Getting Married At A Sports Venue

If you're a big sports fan and your future spouse is, too, you might enjoy attending games together — and it's possible that you even met at a game. To recognize your shared passion, you may want to think about getting married at a sports venue. Many professional sports venues can be booked for weddings, and doing so can make a lot of sense for sports lovers. There ar